Saturday, August 7, 2010

my duit..MIA.. =(

haha..bukan duit hilang sbb kne curi or misplace..tapi...............
harini..sungguh ganas aku menghabiskan duit..
yeah..i'm a great master when it comes to "menghabiskan duit" time..
makan tanpe henti..n the good thing is..aku x shopping ape pun..
habis kan duit kat makan je..haha..sungguh puas hati..
xpe..dah habis exam..mase untuk release tension..kan2~~

hye sayang...this is for u..yg kat atas tu..untuk cover je..=P

i try to make this post as the most romantic post i've ever posted..
but i'm such a loser when it comes to "romantic thing"..
haish...but i hope u enjoy it..=)

dear sayang..

i'm not the greatest woman in the world..but u love me..just the way i am..
u'r not the most romantic guy in the world..but i love u just the way u are..

i'm not the most beautiful women in the world..but u like me just the way i am..
u'r not the most handsome guy in the world..but i like u just the way u are..

i can't be ur dream girl..but u'r still there for me..
u can't be my prince charming..but i'm still here for u..

i usually dont like what u've been doing..but i still love u..
u scolded me for many things that i've done..and i never listen to u..but u still love me..

we argue about almost everything..we barely "sependapat"..
but our opinion open our eyes to see something in different perspective..

u thought me about so many thing..i changed a lot because of u..
thank you so much my dear..for all of the lesson..
i really appreciate that..

distance thought me many things about love..
how to love somebody even when he's not in front of me..
because i know..he's always with me..always in my heart..

~~~HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY sayang~~~

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alma-chan ♥ said...

alaaa tikahhh..
i likeeee <3