Sunday, May 9, 2010

@>-- ^0^ =_=

well..truth is..i shud b demn busy with all my anatomy book..
but kind of person who think last minute pny quite well..
but its my opinion n it does work for me..sometimes..
with 1 big enuff time la kan..kate last minit..
and ended up..bad result..sbb x abes bace..haish~~~ make it sooo lah boring rite now..
listening to HOT fm for 5 minutes..then change to FLY fm for another 5 minutes..
facebooking..done..tired already with fb..i played all the game..n it makes me lagha..ciss !! lucky is not no one to ym with..where is he?? he's somewhere with his frends..doing the good thing..

***b, although i'm not around u..but im proud with what u've been doing..but 1 thing for sure..i hate ur 'no-time-to-spend-with-my-gf' thing..***

i just read my frend's blog..some love to put lots of pic with less word..some love to type thousands of word with no pic..not even 1..doesn't really matter..coz we have our own way..
u guys..keep blogging..coz ur blog make me smile n laugh..really made my day..=D


::debby:: said...

some love to put lots of pic with less word..

cess, ni mcm aku je haha

teeqah said...

haha...tahu la xpe..sape yg thousand words woth no pic tu..teke2..haha