Thursday, July 30, 2009


these few weeks make me realize that my mama is a supermom..i've been so stupid 4 not realizing that all these years..i'm sorry mama..

my mama is a businesswoman..but she did evrytink on her own..she's the boss, the clerk, the accountant n even the despatch..not to mention..she's a full time housewife..but how can a businesswoman b'come a housewife? well..her office = our home!

she wake up evry morning n prepare my brother to school..even he's already in form 4! argh..this is so not fair..when i was in form 4..i have to do enrytink by myself..ok 4get about me..then do the the dishes n blablabla (house chores)..then she go out 4 breakfast with my papa or her bff, aunty aida..then her day begins..she goes to bank (sometimes a few banks in a day)..goes here..goes there..all around kuantan n still manage to come home to cook for lunch..after lunch..she goes out again to finish her job for the the time my papa come home..she's already home..well most of the night..we're having dinner..watching tv for few sec n she's off to bed although its only 9.00 pm..haha

but 1 thing i adore my mama so much is..she always take good care of herself n of couse her family..although she's been busy all day long..she always wanna looks n feels good..bcoz her busy and active lifestyle..ppl didnt believe that she's already 50..i went to medical cek up last month n a guy who drain my blood out ask me.."tu mak awak ke?"..i just smile at him n proudly shooked my head..haha..she never 4gets about her kids..if she looks good then her kids also hav to look good..for is not a prob as long as we r happy..=)

mama...i luf u soooo much! (^_^)

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